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No other flooring product has come as far as vinyl in recent years, transforming from a dated, inexpensive floor you would find in grandma’s kitchen, to a modern, fashionable, and still inexpensive floor option worthy of installation in any room or area of your property. If you’re looking for classic or unique flooring styles that clean easy and feel soft and comfortable underfoot, then vinyl flooring may just be the solution for you.

Countless Styles

Vinyl flooring has been around since the 1950s and in that time it’s been made in countless different styles, textures, and colors. That tradition continues today with stone vinyl flooring and wood vinyl flooring, options that look like high quality natural materials at a much lower price point with improved moisture and wear resistance.

Diverse Installation Types

As diverse as vinyl’s appearance has become, it isn’t surprising that the product itself is available in a number of different physical shapes for different types of installation. The most common varieties include vinyl sheet flooring, which can be printed with large sweeping patterns and is then rolled out during installation; vinyl plank flooring, which comes in strips of various styles for installations similar to laminate or hardwood; and vinyl tile flooring,

which often features an easy peel-and-stick installation system perfect for fast, small household renovations.

Soft Pressure

These days vinyl may look like wood, stone, ceramic, or other tough floor types, and it may offer dramatically improved resistance to scratching, tearing, and scuffing due to advances in construction and manufacture, but the feel of the material underfoot is the same as ever. Vinyl offers a relaxing, comfortable cushion that’s warm underfoot and soft to walk on during quiet hours.

Moisture and Wear Resistant

While each variety of vinyl will behave different based on the particulars of its construction and design, in general vinyl is still the best solution for high-moisture environments like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where other flooring would discolor and break down. Many varieties feature increasingly tough wear layers and the plastic-based construction will never warp or crack like wood or stone.

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